Sunday, January 21, 2007

I am ashamed.

white bike
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because I have forgotten about some bicycles that I took photos of months ago! My friend Joe showed me a photo of the hot pink bike that he had taken, and it reminded me of it. When I could find it in my blog, I investigated my iPhoto and found two more also. These three photographs were all taken on 15 September 2006.

I remember that the white girl bike was outside of the Laundry on Graham, unsurprisingly on Graham Avenue in Williamsburg. I wish that the car parked there would have been a different color, so that the beautiful contrast could have been shown.

a sea green bike

The sea green cruiser - now, I'm not so sure about where I saw this one. I can't believe I didn't write it down.

hot pink

The hot pink bike was also spotted near the Graham Avenue L in Williamsburg.