Monday, June 27, 2011

Bicycle Film Festival: Street Party

Saturday was full of riding around NYC. After riding to a friend's art exhibit in Bushwick, we rode over the Williamsburg Bridge and into the East Village for the Bicycle Film Festival's block party. It was full of vendors, food, BMX tricks, some great short films, and of course, bikes.

White forks

There was a bike valet, which was great for a multicolored tangle of frames; an actual penny farthing; and the license to eat pizza, after riding so many miles ;)

Blurry rainbow bikes

Bike Valet

Penny farthing


The day was exhausting and fulfilling and hot and delicious. Perfect summer.

Sunday, June 05, 2011

A bright end to a fryup

I traveled to a faraway place to have this (amazing) English breakfast yesterday:

English breakfast

And saw this when I walked outside...

There was no good angle for this shot.

There was no great angle from which to take that, but I'm sure you can see it was stunning. The most accurate yellow in this picture to how brilliant this bike was is on the top tube, toward the seat. Went so, so well with those hot pink grips.